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Cerec crown "Same day crowns"


Cerec is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in modern dentistry and Mendota Heights Dental Center was one of the first offices in the metro area to use this miraculous Cerec technology.

Cerec is a CAD/CAM system that delivers superb quality porcelain restorations quickly, precisely, and efficiently.

  • A single-appointment restoration-only one visit needed.
  • An efficient appointment-less time spent in the dental chair
  • A natural-looking filling- no more silver metal-mouth
  • A healthier, metal-free filling
  • No messy impressions or ill-fitting temporaries
  • A restoration that matches the natural color of your teeth
  • A restoration that is anti-abrasive, bio-compatible and resistant to plaque
  • A durable restoration- CEREC fillings don't break or leak like traditonal fillings
  • Proven technology-ten years of clinical research

Cerec is a camera computer and precision manufacturing machine all in one.  We use Cerec's built in camera to take a photo of the damaged tooth.  Using this image, Cerec Computer Assisted Design (CAD) function takes over and designs a precision restoration.  Then the Cerec Computer Assisted Manufacture) CAM creates the finished restoration from a block of high quality porcelain that reflects light just like real teeth.

Finally, we bond the restoration into position and we're done!  No messy impressions, no temporaries, no lab work, and no second visit!  This is dentistry the it should be:  fast, efficient, durable and natural looking.