Meet Our Staff

  Our staff is our greatest asset to our office.  We have had the good fortune to have a staff that has been together for many years.  Patients of record are greeted by people who are familiar with them and their families.  We have two dental hygienists, one dental assistant, and an office manager.  We have supported each other through all of the ups and downs that life provides:  births, deaths, graduations, weddings, and through it all have remained good friends.



 Office Manager:  Pam, since 1984

Dental Assistant:  Merri, since 1989 has now retired after 30 years in our practice.  She will be missed. Our new assistant, Jodi will be assisting Dr. Stiner and is enjoying meeting and taking care of all of our patients. 

Dental Hygienist:  Josie joined our dental team in June 2017.

Dental Hygienist: Mandy joined the team in July 2019. She took over for Connie who retired after 29 years at our office.